V decides to DIE. by sarah

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho, is the book I chose to design a cover and two insides for- in my Narrative Illustration class.
I wanted to share the project with you lovely souls, from the rough stage through the color roughs to finalized pieces.

oh and I want to thank my dear friend, Rayan Nawawi for helping me with photoshop.

Enjoy :) 

Rough stage
Clean Lines
Color roughs
Final pieces

I am a Muslima ambassador by sarah

A global online exhibition from the International Museum of Women (IMOW). Muslima presents a groundbreaking collection of thought pieces and artwork from contemporary Muslim women who are defining their own identities and, in the process, shattering pervasive stereotypes. Explore work from artists, activists, and thought-leaders around the world, representing a broad spectrum of Muslim realities and identities, addressing such topics as Power, Leadership, Appearance, Myths, Generations, Faith and Connection. 

I'm extremely honored that I got the chance to be part of Muslima's online exhibition and very proud  that I helped in building and creating the Muslima exhibition!

yes I am officially a Muslima ambassador :)

the amazing photographer Maggy, the too lovely curator of Muslima's exhibition Samina, and I
at the anniversary gala of the international museum of women.
celebrating the international women day.

the most amazing/inspirational women I've ever met.
too bad we're missing a lot of them, I wish that everyone was in this polaroid.
we represented the rest of us and WE SPOKE our voices on stage <3
spot me, between these amazing women ... some I got the chance to meet in San Francisco, and those who participated from Denmark, the Philippines, and Sharjah ... I really want to know you all more.<3

I am in BROWNBOOK by sarah

I have no idea why is this post coming late!
anyways ... i would love to share with you folks something I'm so happy and proud of :)
one of my favorite middle eastern magazines, BROWNBOOK,  has interviewed me months ago and I was featured in last month's issue in three spreads <3

click HERE to check the article online and more pictures :D 

BURNAL EQUINOX 2013 by sarah

burning man hosted BURNAL EQUINOX yesterday night !!! it was BIZARRE,  and I loved it ...
I went with the awesome ZAHRA and the very talented Yusef Alahmad.
click on their names to check their work :)
here's some awesome pix from the event ...
and of course my theory is everywhere.
zahra ARTicipating :D
Zahra is spreading colors and good vibes ... and I'm hanging out with a dog ...
people .... and Zahra's head
and finally ... sometimes I fade.

جزمة ضايعة. by sarah

ممكن ما أبغى يجي بكرة عشان أعرف اني حكون ما أبغى ... أبغى بس دحين عشان أبغى

حأضيًّع جزمتك عشان لمَّا تصحى و تلاقيني مافي و تجري على الشباك و تلاقيني بأجري ما يكون عندك شي تلبسه في رجلك عشان تجري ورايا ...  

و لكن لو خرجت تجري ورايا حفيان حأعرف انك مُختل عقليا و حأخاف ... زيادة ... و هو دا المطلوب

ahhh ... San Francisco by sarah

I keep falling more and more in love with this city ... 
October, you're super sweet.
أنا مجنونة؟
يمكن ايوا و يمكن لأ
school school school
some assignments and class-work
lovely people ... lovely streets

Hardly Strictly BLUUGRASS <3
ahh ... it was too beautiful and huge .. 6 giant stages all around the golden gate park
the lovely patti smits
and SF MOMA ... very inspiring and 4th floor was full of Lebanese and Moroccan art ... made me very proud.

Pier 39 AKA la la land
As I mentioned before, I got the chance to work with a too great recording studio to voice over some characters in a video game :D

aaaaand my favorite part of this month was attending so you think you can dance live tour for 2012 ... it was beyond amazing, I waited for 9 seasons and FINALLY I got the chance to be part of it.

and receiving the kids' newsletter, I designed and illustrated for Alaan Art space, was like the cherry on the top <3


this post is dedicated to my other half, 
Ameshka AKA Sara Mohanna Alabdali.
I was sad that she's not with me in SF and that London took her away but now I couldn't be happier :)
words cant describe how i'm proud of her.
i love you ... you deserve this.
oh and you're too cool.
#COMETOGETHER / Edge Of Arabia
 this was her goodbye gift to me <3

this week's mood by sarah

العمى بقلبك
fake Empire -the national 
oh yoko- JL
the smiths-there's a light that never goes out
The Smiths - This charming man
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (too in love with the music video) 

Dillon-Texture of my blood

JUNK in Riyadh by sarah

Riyadh people, I know it took me a while!!!
but i couldn't settle for a less creative place.
now ... it is the right time to officially say that JUNK is available in Riyadh 
at the one and only Alaan Artspace' s book store/library

I cant wait to visit it, and meet the lovely Neama Alsudairy and everyone else :)

if you're Jeddah click HERE