I miss chocolate hot dogs / by sarah

chocolate hot dog is Max' favorite meal

Mary and Max is officially my favorite movie .. i can watch it over and over again .. i love everything about it .. the characters ..
the soundtrack .. and THE STORY .. i love every single frame and I love love the scenario and every line .. I think im in love with
Adam Elliot, the writer,designer and director of Mary and max.
what he did is the most thing i appreciate which is 
paying too much to the details.
Adam Elliot
if you didnt watch it yet .. please do .. its about this 8 years old kid from Australia, Mary and her Pen Friend in his 40s, Max .. i wont say more but its amazing and emotional and 
full of interesting lines and terms. 
as I'm writing now .. im listening to this 
check this part .. i picked it randomly its one of my favorite parts, but literally the whole movie is my fav part.