Did you check destination jeddah's last issue? / by sarah

if you didnt see destination jeddah magazine- march issue which 
i designed its cover :D, go check it now because theres some pages about me and my book "junk" :)

the cover

lovely words by the lovely Rayyan Khayyat:
"Going through Sarah Taibi’s Junk
  It's a pleasant thing when someone from our community has written and published their own book, especially when it's from someone as young and creative as Ms. Sarah Taiba, *ahem* I mean Lastika. "Kinda bilingual" and wholly composed of her own illustrations, Junk is a messy collage-scrapbook of a diary to be shared. Part autobiography and part a letter to the world around her, Ms. Taiba uses clever expressions and black ball-point sketches to create this book of scattered ponderings and bittersweet musings.

         On a special Saturday over Turkish coffee with a skeptical friend, Ms. Taiba’s “brain was working in a sweet way…[she] could eat it.” She remembered some of her old scanned illustrations and decided to draw some more and maybe, just maybe, she could create a book *WHOA.* Her friend laughed, “Make a book?” Taiba said “Fine. I’ll make a book” Unfortunately, she sometimes finds her doodles in the trash and once in the kitchen garbage can. “MAMA WHY?!!!” Her wonderful mother replied “Sorry baby, I thought it was just junk.” That’s pretty much when Ms. Taiba realized she must fix and organize all of these penned thoughts and ideas. And although named Junk, to appropriately umbrella all of the randomness, the result is a disorderly harmonious and composed piece of work.

         The comical illustrations in Junk are visually striking, with a style that’s half political cartoon and half school-day doodles, but as the book progresses we gain more of an insight into what these stories are trying to tell us. Her quirky little characters seem to be fed up with the frivolities and contradictions of their society and are attempting to live through the perplexities of modernity and matters of questioning and understanding.  It’s as if they’re caught between a supposedly *real* but bizzare world and their own imaginary sensible one. Some of those one would meet along the way include the Lonely Ice-Cream Cone, Octopus Girl and a thieving ninja. Ms. Taiba also reconciles these illustrated conflicts with musical lyrics brightly come to life, whimsically detailed food recipes and more of what truly holds all of this clutter together. 

In the introduction, Ms. Taiba recounts the story of a girl who used to live in this curious purple bubble where everything seemed to be almost too special and ideal. She had some really colorful and feathery friends with her but somehow it just didn’t quite work out. And even though she now has to make her way through a bleak and thorny wasteland, far from the purple perspective she’s familiar with, she’s able to share some of the wonderful things she saw in there with some in what turns out! even better and *realer* friends. And her so-called junk is some of what she brought with her."

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