I'm Saudi, I live in San Fran, & my heart is in Egypt / by sarah

ok if you're reading this and you know me very well then you'd know how much love i have for Egypt and Egyptians. i swear i cannot describe it right now.
and if you didn't know this about me .. well now you know.
It was a Friday night ,, i was walking alone in Geary St. SF, had no plans, and as usual I'm surrounded by amazing galleries, then suddenly something caught my attention ...
Nights in The Square- A.Sameh Elkharbawy
"can I join?" I asked 
" yes, please." a lovely lady said that
"please tell me the artist is here!" i said
"yes yes he's here" she said

A.Sameh El Kharbawi .. started his speech saying " the revolution didn't start in January 2011, it started 6 months earlier" when a young "ahlawi" kid who plays guitar and chats everyday with his brother who lives in the U.S and his friends, Khalid Saeed got killed.

and he talked about the story from the beginning and i felt as if I'm listening to it for the first time. I don't know it just felt different.. the Egyptian spirit was all over the place and at the end of the day I'm still in San Francisco .. it felt different .. good different though.

lets go back to the main topic .. A.Sameh said .. one day in June khalid Saeed Went to an internet cafe in Alexandria and suddenly some police men came in and dragged him to another building and started attacking him until he died .. all that happened because he uploaded a video on you tube which was obviously revealing horrible things some of the police did...
and i guess we all know the rest of the revelation and how Egyptians wanted to speak up and of course he talked about wael ghonaim who i personally admire and appreciate and he talked about the Egyptians including himself because he was part of it all .. the tears .. the laughs .. everything happened in that indescribable square .. Tahrir square.. all what they wanted was a peaceful change "سلمية شعبية لا دينية و لاحزبية" and what they got was ... i dont even wanna go there,
and we all know the rough times they had and probably still have ... 

and you all know the rest.. i guess or you wouldn't be 
reading this now.

"every revelation begins by telling itself that this will change the world" A.Sameh

a part of his speech

 some of the amazing photographs
finally tears were all over my face .. I walked to A.Sameh and told him "you have no idea what you made me feel, I'm so far away and all i needed was this to feel little bit closer to Egypt"

"can i tell you a secret? what you're saying means the world to me." He replied