this post is important / by sarah

i finished my 22 years old, last year with a broken heart. Although it was pretty ugly but A LOT of things happened .. 

the ups were UPS and the downs were DOWNS.

- I jumped from a stage to another stage </3
- I  went to dubai, Leo Burnett Academy
thats me in a cow print hehe.

-i went to italy with my favorite best friend to take
a street photography workshop

-had my senior exhibition in college


-had some extra "family love"


-went to a7la balad fil3alam "cairo" to visit my sis
-went for black hair

-went through shit

-decided to create a book, over a turkish coffee

 -worked in destination Jeddah magazine

-went to hajj :,)

-published the book

 -decided to go study masters in san francisco with my best friends.


 -one of them got married and the other one changed her mind :/

-a lot a lot a lot of things happened, cant have it all in a post but i ended up going to san fran without my friends :( .. and now i'm focusing on work :) 

and fun :p

and today i turned 23 .. happy birthday to me.