In Betweens / by Sarah Taibah

“In Betweens” is a performance and a collaboration between Muhanned Nassar and myself. Muhanned is a Jeddah-based electronic Dj AKA Vinyl Mode. In March 2019, both of us were in Cite international des arts residency in Paris for three months. We collaborated on several projects and In Betweens was on of them. My arabic (spoken words) along with his beats. The inspiration/the story behind this performance is finding the third space as in-betweeners, not completely fitting east or west.


“In Betweens” was not the first performance or collaboration with Muhanned. We Preformed in Jeddah in 2017 and we collaborated before that on many tracks, since early 2016.

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In 2017 we collaborated and made an album and called it “Solitude”. The tracks are different but each tell a story of the same woman. A woman who isolates herself from the noise of the world to reflect on her circumstances. Alone in a big city, the heroine subconsciously reminisces over the past and ruminates on the hopelessness of the present. click here to check the tracks