The Fashion spreads of Destination Jeddah Magazine in the last issue *Eid issue* were different. We didnt come up with all the looks by ourselves, Jeddah's fashion bloggers and lovers helped us, each blogger/lover came up with looks or talked about a style.

take a look ...
-Modi on the left created two awesome looks,  Like Italians Do, and Fun in Function. Check out her awesome blog
-Heba Alattas on the right Talked about the comfortable style and had a very cool collection of bags and bracelets, this is her website
-On the left Alaa Balkhy shared two of her cute looks, and if you know alaa you'll definitely see her in the two looks and she also included a tote bag she designed
-On the right the very cute Samaher Tariq with her very cute outfit and she's such an active blogger with great updates all the time, visiting her website is a must,

Fashion LOVERS:
On the left its ME :D these two looks describes my personality, my style and the way I am in general, the first look is; I'm cool like that, its hip, cool and comfy. and the second look is; take me to NYC, oh my my .. the passion i have for new york city is indescribable, i tried to include in this look the feeling of attractive, crazy but independent. 
On the left is my very very stylish friend Mazin Almaimani, He is just too cool just like the outfits he created.
My two looks:
and finally On the right the talented cute little thing Amna Almahdaly who has this great passion for fashion, and guess what she's only 13 *mashala* <3
On the left the crazy, stylish, well updated; Moody Jones, these two looks describes Moody perfectly he's liberal, fun, and beachaholic. checking Moody's blog is a MUST, he's so active, mashala, and he talks about everything; music, art, fashion, ... etc when you need to know anything you dont know go to him because simply Moody Knows.