Mazen Kerbaj ... the great / by sarah

every time I check any issue of my favorite comic book "samandal", I find that Mazen kerbaj's short stories are my favs ... I collected all his comic stories from samandal .. but I've never searched him until NOW !! and when I did I spent TWO HOURS in his blog ... and I'm Officially in love ...

Mazen Kerbaj was born in 1975 in Beirut and lived there since. His main activities are comics, painting and music. After a lot of works for different publishers and magazines, it is in March 2000 that he releases some of his more personal works in his Journal 1999 (a dairy in comics' format). He self-published eight other books and many short stories since.

some of his great stuff
Self Portrait

I love Beirut .. I hate Beirut

this  one is the most recent .. produced it during his stay in paris .. Sept/Oct 011

you guys go search more .. he has so many cool stuff I didnt include her ..